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Location Advisory Service

Through the use of a three step process Goldstone Consulting Group can assist your firm with the evaluation the expansion process of the company.  The process also aids in the determination of the optimal location based upon previously determined company goals.

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Incentive Negotiation

Whether expanding a current facility for development new location, business incentives can be a valuable asset to consider in the overall scope of the project.  Goldstone Consulting Group can lead the effort to secure and implement incentives to the benefit of the project.  

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Real Estate Acquisition

Goldstone Realty Partners, the commercial real estate division of Goldstone Consulting Group will lead the effort to secure the new location through either purchase or lease negotiations.  

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Workforce Analysis

Understanding location workforce trends is more important the ever before.  Goldstone Consulting can conduct an assessment of the local workforce to provide the research required to understand future operational potential.  

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